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financial institutions.

assisting banks to design their financing and to assess their related risks



  • Market / Technology / Competition Analysis

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Business Planning

  • Restructuring

  • Turn-around

Due Diligence


  • Market

  • Technology

  • Production

  • Quick Check

  • Red Flag Report

  • Validation



  • Bankability Audits

  • Production Audits

  • Product Analysis

  • Bankability Reports

  • Project Rating

ACCELIOS Solar services for banks provide assessments of innovative technologies, due diligence analysis of start-ups, production and project development, bankability audits as well as technical audits of production sites or PV power plants.


ACCELIOS advisors consult and support banks during their credit approval process with continuous company monitoring and validate the real time company development. In the framework of PV power plant financing ACCELIOS advisors evaluate the entire technical and financial design and for example analyze the implemented components. On the basis of our profound and longtime market experience we know the crucial success factors and have access to leading equipment manufacturers.

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