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assisting investors to recognize their risks and place their investments successfully



  • Market / Technology / Competition Analysis

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Business Planning

  • Buy & Build Strategies

  • Restructuring

Due Diligence


  • Market

  • Technology

  • Production

  • Letter of Opinion

  • Red Flag Report

  • Monitoring / Validation



  • Bankability Audits

  • Production Audits

  • Product Analysis

  • Project Expert Opinion

  • Bankability Reports

  • Project Rating

ACCELIOS Solar services for investors provide assessments of innovative technologies, due diligence analysis of start-ups, production and project development, bankability audits as well as technical audits of production sites or PV power plants. We support investors in the implementation of buy & build strategies and offer operational know-how during restructuring of business areas and entire companies.

ACCELIOS advisors work with private equity und venture capital investors, but also private and institutional investors in the solar industry including energy producing companies.

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