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The management of ACCELIOS Solar offers strong analytical and consulting skills, in depth market, technology and financial expertise, hands-on international business experience and a well developed industry network in solar and related renewable energies. 




management team

Marcus Rist, Managing Director

Marcus is Managing Director and Founder of ACCELIOS Solar and holds further Senior Management positions on the group level. Starting in the early 90’s, Marcus has vast experience in renewable energy technologies, both from the technical and the financial side. Marcus has built a strong network being responsible for strategy, business development, financing and M&A and risk assessment and claim management with a strong focus on renewable energy. With work and leadership experience in Asia, Europe and the assessment, due diligence and realization of hundreds of renewable energy projects, he is a leading expert in the industry. Within the last three decades Marcus was running own companies, worked in several executive positions at international companies and financial institutions and experienced seller and buyer side positions in the industry. Marcus has also served as Advisory Board Member and Board Member at different energy technology and renewable energy companies in Germany and the US.

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Daniel Oechslin, Managing Partner

Daniel is Managing Partner of ACCELIOS Solar and Managing Director and Founder on the group level. Deriving from machine engineering of PV Cell and PV Module Manufacturing, Daniel spent years in sales and finance of projects in renewables, mainly in solar PV. In the past 2 decades Daniel has built a vast global network being responsible for engineering, design and technology application along the fabrication value chain in renewables, with a strong focus on photovoltaics. Daniel is further responsible for our corporate strategy and new markets development for the entire group. With work experience in Asia, Latin America and Europe and as Commissioner in the European Commission’s initiative “Solar Bankability” Daniel knows the industry from scratch. Daniel is further working in international advisory in policy boards and for top-tier industrial players. He also serves as Advisory Board Member in different companies.

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advisor team

ACCELIOS Solar has a very experienced team of consultants consisting of a large number of industrial veterans, experts and executives from the renewable energy sector. They all have very detailed knowledge and a profound understanding of the respective connections along the entire value chain. All consultants have worked in the industry for many years and have acquired their extensive knowledge at national and international level.

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